Naked Borikén


By José M. López Sierra – Nueva York


On Monday, June 20, 2016, history was made at the United Nations (UN) Decolonization Committee (C-24).  For the first time, the citizens of the world had the opportunity to witness the live broadcast of the UN’s hearing on Puerto Rico decolonization.  This hearing that is usually held on the day after Fathers’ Day occurs behind closed doors.  The only way the public was able to watch them was via videos published, and in an irregulars fashion, on the following day on the UN’s WEBCAST.

United Comrades for Puerto Rico Decolonization and NakedInformacionmanaged to involve various media organizations since last year’s 2015 hearing to broadcast this year’s entire hearing.  Click on the following link to watch almost 7 hours of it:

The Spokesperson for the Socialist Front,Comrade Ismael Muller Vázquez and I mysteriously disappeared…

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