Helsinki is the new victim of the Guggenheim Museum’s World Tour of Corruption

By Pedro Aibéo*

The Guggenheim Foundation has been the focus of corruption scandals in cities it has attempted to build its franchise in. There have been many failed attempts including São Paulo, Vilnius, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Soho (1992-2001), Berlin (1997-2012), Las Vegas (2001- 2008), Salzburg (Austria), Guadalajara (Mexico), Abu Dhabi, [1] and now its HELSINKI’s turn! So stay tuned to see which politicians will fall after the corruption details start to come out!

This Wednesday the 30th November 2016 the city will vote on a renewed proposal to build a franchise of the Guggenheim in the heart of the Finnish capital. Their proposal is to build a private museum funded almost completely by public money, and with all the financial risks carried out by the City alone, that is, its citizens.

The City Council of Helsinki has voted NO to Guggenheim in May 2012, yet an architectural competition for the…

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